Choosing the Right Book to Read

Free time is something that is spent in varying different ways. And it depends of the personality of the person spending it. For instance, if you are lively and active, one might spend time outdoors or doing sports, if you are sociable, one might enjoy holding a party or going out with friends. Or perhaps you prefer your free time to be accompanied by a book. Sit somewhere comfortable and escape to all corners of the world and block out the world around you. 

However, we of the book reading variety, are one of many. There are those who, with a passion, stay away from books. They assure us that they hate to read and that the thought of sitting down and reading a book is something they just can’t do. Be it for education or entertainment, they would rather go with another option. But books cover such a wide genre base that there is something for everyone and choosing the right book will make all the difference and will even convince the most stubborn of people that reading books can be fun. 

Some reluctance for reading can stem from our school days where we had to read books that were far above the age we were. One can agree that you would not give primary school children Tolstoy’s War and Peace, or Homer’s Iliadto read but rather fairy tales or Disney. For the younger year levels, stories that start with ‘Once upon a time’ and end with ‘Happily ever after’. These will appeal to the imagination of small children with tales of Princes and Princesses, of dragons, monsters and magic. Then as they get older expand their reading with authors like J.K Rowling and Rick Riordan.  

In high school, it can be detrimental to make students only read classic literature or focus their entire English studies on Shakespeare’s works and expect them to understand it after reading through it a couple of times. For those who read Shakespeare and don’t like it, it will put them off reading just as much as reading a romance book when you don’t like the genre. Here asking them about their favourite genres and giving them, a book list filled with that genre, and having them read a couple of them from it would do a world of good. That way they can read the kind of stories they like and not ones that would put them reading in the future. Reading the wrong books when we are young will put you off reading when you are older. You will associate reading with the dull stuff you read when you were younger. 

Reading is one of the few pleasures that can be done anywhere at any time and by anyone. So, go, start looking in the genre you like and then expand your repertoire from there. There is a book for everyone, if you just know where to look. 

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