Tantalizing Fiction: What makes them irresistible?

A writer’s job in any genre is to tell a story whether it be factual (non-fiction) or works of the imagination (fiction). We as the reader seek several things when we read fiction; suspense, action, romance and a journey that we have not been on before. We want to escape into a world that is not our own, with characters we want to remember long after we have read the last page and shut the book. But most of all we want a book that we can’t put down.

Here are three elements of a good fiction book:

Well-developed characters:

The characters make the story. When we read a book connecting to the characters is one of the most important aspects. If we don’t connect to the characters then we don’t connect to the story. Although they are fictional they strike accord with us and we can’t help getting involved in their story.


Everybody loves a good action scene. Whether its chasing the bad guys, hunting monsters, or in search of buried treasure. We love to be there right in the thick of it. Well written action keeps us turning the page and wanting to know what is going to happen in the chapter.

Great Plot:

While it takes character and action to get us hooked, if the plot is all over the place then it just isn’t working. We want to keep guessing and then when we think we know what is going to happen, the author twists the plot and we start guessing all over again. When the conclusion of the book looms we begin looking for the happy ending, the resolution of the case. Cause as you all know we all love a ‘happily ever after’.


Our favourite authors write about what they know and the stories they want to read themselves. There words bring the sounds, colours, and images of their worlds to life. Fiction is where these authors get the opportunity to bring you into their worlds and keep you there until, the end.

A personal favourite is Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code. The story has you following Robert Langdon as he, and French cryptologist Sophie Neveu, solve riddles and puzzles surrounding Leonardo Da Vinci. The story sees Robert being framed for a series of murders and as the story progresses has you wondering who the enigmatic Teacher is, who is calling the shots? Fast paced action has you turning the page asking what is going to happen next.

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