The Timeless Magic of Reading

It has been said that “Books make a man complete”.

While it was said centuries ago, it is a sentiment that still holds true today. However, it is sad truth that the younger generations’ interest in reading is strained. Today one would find entertainment in a variety of other ways. Movies, music, T.V series and video games all vie for the attention of the masses. Not just the younger generation but also for the older, who may also be looking for a quicker form of entertainment, or a flashier one. A worrying trend when you take into consideration the vast amount of knowledge and entertainment you gain by reading.

There are many reasons to read. And perhaps a gentle reminder may just be what we need to motivate us into picking up that book, newspaper, magazine, or pamphlet and reignite our love for the written word.

To Be Informed

The most common reason why we read. We want to be informed of something or someone. Whether it is knowledge about human nature, people, civilization, issues, or society in general.

We invest in the triumphs and defeats of people throughout history, that we read about. We follow their example by reading their biographies. One discovers the mistakes of the past so that we may learn from them and not follow in their footsteps.

One learns something new every time we open a book and turn a page. Regardless of what subject we are wanting to be informed of.

To Be Entertained

The written word transports us to places and times that we are no longer able to go to. Words allow is to experience a full range of emotions. Loneliness, anxiety, nostalgia, joy, anticipation, surprise, anger, despair etc. We experience life through the magic that authors write.

It has been said that reading a novel is like watching a movie in your mind. The difference between the movie and the book is that the book gives you all the missing plots, side stories and elements that a movie just can’t fit in. The movie is the tip of the iceberg. The book explores the rest.

To Be Empowered

Our habit of reading the newspaper is an example of this. Though ritualistic to some, browsing through the news allows us to be up to date with the latest global occurrences.

It helps us keep track of events, allows us the perspectives of both sides, and places events in a context that allows us to synthesize, formulate a stand, and decide the appropriate action for a better world.

We read to be informed, entertained, and empowered. It allows us to travel to magical worlds, worlds that once existed and even some that may exist in the future. It flexes our brain muscles, enhances creativity, and develops out imagination.

So go grab a book and open yourself to the new possibilities all around you

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