The Timeless Magic of Reading

It has been said that “Books make a man complete”. While it was said centuries ago, it is a sentiment that still holds true today. However, it is sad truth that the younger generations’ interest in reading is strained. Today one would find entertainment in a variety of other ways. Movies, music, T.V series and video games all vie for the attention of the masses. Not just the younger generation but also for the older, who may also be looking for a quicker form of entertainment, or a flashier one. A worrying trend when you take into consideration the vast...

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Understand the Basics of Speed Reading

Increasing the rate in which you can process and understand a document, paper, book, or essay is called Speed Reading. Speed reading has become a necessity to many as a tool to manage time and information. Especially for those in the fast-paced business world, and students who must get through heavy reading class loads. For the practiced speed reader, a lengthy document or a stack of papers, will cause no trouble as they are able to extract the most important of details just by skimming over and picking out the vital information and ignoring the rest. Speed reading is not...

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Speed Reading – Searching for the Main Ideas

Learning the main ideas in any text is essential. And its not just about learning what the author is talking about, but it’s also being able to understand it in your own words that is also critical. So, finding the main ideas is perfect for outlining in textbooks, especially when speed reading. Try making a habit of finding the main idea/s in every paragraph that you read. Finding and extracting these details means that you zone in on the authors point more quickly, and therefore can understand the text rather than getting lost. You will find there is usually one...

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The Basics to Speed Reading

Speed Reading is a skill that is becoming vital in business and academic world’s today, with the increasing amount of information that is available online. Couple this with the amount of reading a manager or student faces, being able to intake information faster is something that is a must. In the last forty odd years the world of information that is available has increased dramatically. This “information revolution” enables professionals and students access to a world of information but requires significant effort in digesting the information and then making good use of it. This is where speed reading becomes useful....

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