Breaking the Da Vinci Code

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Breaking the Da Vinci Code

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Finding the real Jesus

Was Leonardo de Vinci the one person who stumbles onto a Vatican plot to conceal the truth about Jesus and then exposed it in his famous work of art “The Last Supper”? have sinister global religious organizations suppressed secrets that reveal “the real Jesus”? These are the questions people are asking after reading The Da Vinci Code.

  • Can the so-called “secret” Gnostic Gospels lead us to a Jesus we don’t know?
  • Did Jesus marry and have children?
  • Was Mary Magdalene really one of the apostles?
  • Were the New testament Gospels assembles in the way “the code” implies?
  • Just ow much of The Da Vinci Code should we believe?

Many have been troubled by the unorthodox historical claims found in Dan Brown’s novel while others have excitedly embraced its version of Christian history.

Breaking the Da Vinci Code will help you recognize the agenda that lurks behind the codes. Darrell L. Bock will help you break form genuine historical elements of Christian faith. But be prepared. As Dr. Bock warns, “There are some interesting – even alarming – surprises along the way ‘ as you discover the most important code of all.


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