Floating City


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Floating City

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In Floating City, Nicholas Linnar pursues the ever more terrifying mystery of the disappearance of Mikio Okami – the Kaisho, or head of the Yakuza, the Japanese underworld. Despite his own hatred of the Yakuza, Nicholas has sworn to protect Okami, and must at the same time try to establish who is stealing from his company the most vital secrets of the new generation of computers that he is developing.

Meanwhile, his friend Lew Croaker is unravelling a host of disturbing connections in America, form the Mafia to the highest echelons of government.

In following the two ends of the trail, each man must confront the influence of a powerful woman in his life. Croaker, a law enforcement agent through and through, finds himself in love with Margarite Goldone, sister of a Mafia don and clearly a player in this globally important game. For Nicholas, it is the hand of his first love that reaches from the past to touch his present predicament.

Dazzlingly evocative, fast-paced and suspenseful, packed with arcane knowledge, they story snakes from Saigon to London, then on the Japan and, ultimately, to the dark heart of the fantastic secret Floating City itself.


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