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Earl Proulx


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Yankee Publishing Inc


Make It Last

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Don’t Throw That Away!

Tired of the disposable lifestyle? It’s expensive and wasteful. In Make It Last you will learn lessons that were second nature to Grandma and Grandpa: How to get long life out of the things you own. And how to find new uses for the things that truly wear out.

This book is jam-packed with clear,easy-to-follow advice for extending the life of all of your possessions. Form cars to carpets, venetian blinds to vegetables, lawns to linens,a d hammers to hammocks.

Save thousands of pounds a year as you learn:

  • How one person can move heavy furniture – without damaging it or the floor
  • How to remove those white water spots from a wood surface
  • How to pick up hundreds of spilled beads in seconds
  • How to sharpen a shovel
  • How to add years to the life of shoes, boots and slippers
  • Twelve handy uses for old panty hose

and much, much more.


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