Mars and Venus in Love


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Hodder & Stoughton


Mars and Venus in Love

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Readers of John Gray’s previous bestsellers, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, Mars and Venus Together Forever, and Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, will be inspired, informed, and touched by this collection of first-person stories that illustrate how couples have successfully put his principles to work in their own lives to create fulfilling, long-lasting relationships.

Through his bestselling books, hos seminars, and his infomercial, John Gray has brought a powerful message  to millions of people. He explains how better communication and recognition of men’s and women’s different emotional needs lead to greater intimacy. In Mars and Venus in Love, we see his principles in action in stories told by people who, using his advice and counsel,have created fulfilling, healthy, and loving relationships. We will recognize ourselves and our partners in the funny and poignant scenes depicted in these stories, each accompanied by John Gray’s commentary.

After the incredible response to his work, John Gray thought that successes of some couples might inspire others like them. With that in mind he asked readers who were willing to share their stories to write in with the answers to such question as: What kind of problems have you has in your relationship and how have you overcome them? What kinds of special things do you and your partner do for each other? How do you best communicate with each other? How do you practice what you’ve learned? How does your love feel different now from how it felt before?

This is a book of love stories – a collection of true-life tales that will show you something about your own love story that may have eluded you for a long time. A few insights, techniques, and changes in habits of mind and body nourish love and make it grow, and like little one-act plays these stories show you how. Men and Venus in Love gives you the opportunity to see yourself in the stories of others and to recognize your own communications and behavior patterns in the circumstances they describe. Its shows you, in many different ways, that:

  • Problems in love are normal
  • there’s nothing wrong with you if you have difficulties in your relationships
  • Almost everyone who tries to love has problems getting it right
  • Even when people are deeply in love their relationships won’t work if they don’t recognize certain truths about men and women
  • Men and Women are different
  • The key to falling and staying in love is to recognize and embrace those differences

Offering you creative ideas for solving problems in your relationships and opening up new avenues for communication, Mars and Venus in Love is an invaluable resource and a perfect companion to Gray’s precious books.


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