Queen Victoria: An Illustrated Biography


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E.F. Benson


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Chatto & Windus


Queen Victoria: An Illustrated Biography

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E.F. Benson

Published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s ascending the throne, this is a loving and witty portrait of one of Britain’s favourite monarchs by one of our fumiest and best-loved writers.

E.F. Benson had a unique insight into the royal family and life at court. He records how, when the young Victoria first saw Albert, she thought he was’beautiful’. He was not so sure; ‘Life has its thorns,’ he wrote his mother.

Benson displays both the illusions and achievements of the formidable queen, steaming her way through fleets of relatives and politicians cherishing schemes worthy of Tilling itself.]QUEEN VICTORIA is a delight, a portrait taken from add angels, yet a detailed, accurate account of how a single woman made an Empire which encircled the globe.

QUEEN VICTORIA was first published in 1935. This edition is illustrated with contemporary paintings, photographs, cartoons anf Victoria’s own drawings.


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