The Little Book of Thrift


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Paul Lonergan







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Three Blind Mice Publishing


The Little Book of Thrift

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Save Money, Spend Less, Live Better!

It’s not about being cheap, it’s about being smarter.

Forget sack cloth undies, doing your your own haircuts and  reusing the tea bag. The Little Book of Thrift doesn’t mean you have to learn knitting, make your own jam or eat fried rice for dinner every night.

When times are tough, the tough can still go shopping. We’ll just show you how to so it better!

  • Be more organised
  • Save hundreds on Christmas
  • Spend less on the groceries
  • Give the kids more money, but spend less on them
  • DVD’s for free
  • Eat out for less

Would you like to do the same mileage for 30% less? Save thousands on family holidays, drink better wine for less money and get more out of your clothing allowance? How about reducing the interest you pay the bank, wasting less in the kitchen and getting more out of the garden? We’ll show you haw to pay less for technology, shop smarter for appliances and get your money’s worth from everything you buy.

Embrace you inner hippie! Live well and be proud on a lot less.

Get the Little Book of Thrift and get a life, a cheaper one without really changing it. Now that’s life with style!


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