The Wattles Bloom

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When Wattles Bloom

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Michael’s thoughts went back to the Corduke house at 27 Brunswick Street – and to Bonnie and Freya, and Callie with the grey eyes. Why did Michael’s father have a keepsake with Hannah Corduke’s name engraved on the back? And just who was Ben?

Callie’s family home – a symbol of security and love – is to be sold¬† and she is trying hard to shake off the feelings of sadness and loss. When a sandy-haired stranger named Michael knocks at her mother’s door asking questions about the family and great-aunt Hannah, Callie finds herself delving into secrets that have been long kept hidden. Together Michael and Callie start to unravel a love story between Hannah Corduke and a young blacksmith, Ben Galbraith. It’s a story of true love, heartache and indomitable spirit that resonates through Callie’s and Michael’s own lives. What was Ben and Hannah’s fate? And will the answer bring Michael and Callie together or pull them apart?

A poignant, romantic and moving story about love, loss and the circles of time.


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