While My Pretty One Sleeps


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Mary Higgins Clark


Hard Cover



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Has some ware and tear on outer cover



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Century Hutchinson


While My Pretty One Sleeps

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While My Pretty One Sleeps begins with the murder of Ethal Lambston, a famous gossip writer, whose forthcoming book threatens to expose the secrets of some of the most powerful – and glamorous – figures in the world of fashion. At its centre is Neeve Kearny, owner of an expensive Madison Avenue boutique where Ethal shopped, daughter of a former New York City Police Commissioner, a beautiful young woman still trying  to overcome the  horror of her mother’s murder seventeen years ago, in what seemed to have been a pointless ast of revenge…

Drawn into the drama of Ethal’s death, Neeve soon finds herself in danger, puzzled as is everyone, by the  sheer number of people who might have had reason for the killing: the wealth dress manufacturer, whose mob connections and sweatshop factories have been exposed; Ethal’s debt-ridden ex-husband, maddened by having to pay alimony every month to a woman who has all the money she needs and more; her ne’er-do-well nephew and sole heir, who has moved into her apartment, apparently unaware that she has disappeared…

Neeve plunges into this tangled, dangerous web, not realizing that her own life is threatened, haunted by the feeling that the clue to the murder is something she knows, something which only she (and the victim herself) would have noticed, unaware that t the killer is closer to her than she could ever dreamed…


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