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The Importance of Reading to your Child Aloud

So, these days it is more common to see your child sitting down playing video games, watching television, surfing the net, or listening to music. And for the most part there is nothing wrong with any of those activities, so long as they are done in moderation. It is not uncommon for parents to wish that their kids would participate in more constructive activities – reading books for instance – however, the problem is getting them to sit down and open a book a few times a week. One way to get them to start is by sitting down and...

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Choosing the Right Book to Read

Free time is something that is spent in varying different ways. And it depends of the personality of the person spending it. For instance, if you are lively and active, one might spend time outdoors or doing sports, if you are sociable, one might enjoy holding a party or going out with friends. Or perhaps you prefer your free time to be accompanied by a book. Sit somewhere comfortable and escape to all corners of the world and block out the world around you.  However, we of the book reading variety, are one of many. There are those who, with a passion, stay away from books....

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All it Takes is a Little Imagination

Reading is a big step for any child to learn, and it can also be a daunting one. Especially when the adults in children’s lives are waiting for their child to start. These pressures and expectations can lead to a loss of enthusiasm and excitement in a child wanting to learn how to read. Feeling like they can’t meet these, the desire or readiness to read often disappears. So, it is up to us as adults, whether we are parents, grandparents, older siblings, or teachers to try and find new ways to make reading an enjoyable experience that will encourage...

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